What is 'OME?

‘OME is the umbrella not-forprofit that currently oversees The Gathering, a festival celebrating all things Fire, Food, and Music; Hummock View Greens, a sustainable greenhouse locally operated in Burlington; ‘Ome Sweet ‘Ome, a play on words to express the affection towards the unique and remote luxury glamping tents and guest pod; and ‘Ome Fry, a chip van that operates locally during the summer months. Success through ‘OME will create social businesses and help fuel an economic engine that will contribute to a new, significant tourism destination on the Baie Verte Peninsula, NL. Contributions will go towards providing financial support to entrepreneurs in the Burlington-Smith’s Harbour-Middle Arm area, along with helping to maintain a sustainable micro economy for the region.

These branches were created to help transform the region into a viable tourist destination through intimate cultural experiences. With the initial vision of a 5-star hotel, Majumder Manor, getting Burlington to world-class status has been harder than first imagined. The ‘Ground Up’ pieces of the project involve generation and refining several different elements that start at a critically minimum scale. Hummock View Greens has become essential in food sourcing, as well as growing the social enterprise that is ‘OME. On the accommodation side, initially “OmeSweetOme,” will consist of luxury glamping tents and remote guest pods. It will also allow us to ‘test’ the viability of a given site or location for accommodation. The current tents and pod are rich with amenity and allow great comfort to marry with an unfettered connection to nature. The Guest Pods are the smallest scale of new built permanent structures for the project and are one or two bedroom units that have been built in remote locations. They can grow organically in number as the overall project demands. Each of these aspire to distill the magic of the natural beauty of this remote pocket of rural Newfoundland and Labrador.

Meet the guy behind it all


Shaun Majumder


Shaun Majumder is one of Canada’s most well-known comedians, actors, artists, performers, writers, directors – you name it, and he’s done it. Whether it his regular gig on CBC’s ‘This Hour has 22 Minutes’ or his stints on American TV Shows like ’24,’ ‘Detroit 1-8-7,’ ‘The Firm’ or others.

But one thing that Shaun has always worked hard to represent and foster, is the place he spent his most formative years, his hometown of Burlington, NL.

Shaun has spent years coming ‘OME’ to Burlington and a few years ago it was one of those trips that caused him to get the ball rolling on an idea he was having – maybe he would build something in the town that would help grow and foster tourism in the beautiful place he’s spent years bragging about on talk shows and in interviews.

From there, he formed ‘BSM Manor, Inc.’ with a business partner, which later became ‘OME.’ When started with a humble vision for a single structure has moved into a major economic and cultural force that is taking the region and the province by storm. Many people behind the scenes are working hard to make the entire project and undertaking successful. but it has been Shaun’s commitment and dedication to the success of the vision he planted in everyone that’s gotten things to where they are today.