Mike Lynch Aka Cecil Obrien aka Randy lee
Mike Lynch is one of the new faces of comedy in Canada. He is also founder and host of Newfoundland’s longest running weekly comedy show, “Jokes At John’s.” He has been featured numerous times, regionally on NTV, and nationally on CBC. Mike has also become an internet sensation, with his work as a sketch comedian on “The Outhouse TV” (Facebook & Youtube). His wide range of sketch characters such as Cecil O’Brien, Nan and Randy Lee have more than ten million views online and are gaining an ever growing fanbase. His new live stage show “Getting to Know Me 2” is a combination of Lynch’s stand-up comedy and wildly popular sketch comedy characters. Recently, Mike sold out 3 shows at Holy Heart Theatre in his hometown of St. John’s, Newfoundland, selling 2700 seats total in record breaking time. This bright young comedian is not to be missed!