Founded by Canadian Actor/Comedian Shaun Majumder, The Gathering is part of a larger not for profit social enterprise known as ‘OME.

Ome’s  purpose is clear. “to rewrite the rural story.”

How can we do this? By creating a sustainable micro economy through tourism by building small businesses and reinvesting the profits back into the communities of Burlington, Middle Arm and Smith’s Harbour.

The festival was born  while shooting season one of  Majumder Manor  which aired on the W network in Canada for two seasons and followed Shaun and his wife Shelby Fenner as they laid the ground work to make Shaun’s dream a reality. Shaun and his team decided to throw a party in celebration of the opening of their first project under the Ome umbrella, a community green house business called Hummock View Greens.

Not knowing if anyone would show up, the team invited world class chefs, local musicians and had an incredible weekend. They knew they were onto something and in year two they decided to sell tickets and the rest as they say is history. The Gathering: a celebration of Fire-Food-Music was born. 

The only problem was that, there was no where to put the musicians and chefs and other guests, so the Shaun purchased a handful of prospector tents and Shelby and her Mom Lorna decorated them beautifully.  This led to the of Glamping in Burlington! Instead of trying to build the five-six room lodge, these leftover prospector tents would serve as the first phase of accommodations for the area. And now is one of the most unique accommodations on the island of Newfoundland.

These luxury wilderness tents  It will allow us to ‘test’ the viability of the area as a tourism desination.  If the last two years are any indication, the viability is there. In year one we did twenty seven thousand dollars in sales and hired four staff. Year two we did almost eighty thousand dollars and hired eleven people. This is clearly evidence that what we have in the area is worth building upon and we want you to keep coming back year after year to help us grow.

The current tents and pod are rich with amenity and allow great comfort to marry with an unfettered connection to nature. The Guest Pods are the smallest scale of new built permanent structures for the project and are one or two bedroom units that have been built in remote locations. Each of these aspire to distill the magic of the natural beauty of this remote pocket of rural Newfoundland and Labrador. We are so thankful you chose to visit our amazing corner of the world!






13 Old Church Road
Burlington, NL. A0K 1S0