If you’re interested in becoming a vendor at The Gathering 2017 please fill out the following form. Once your form is submitted we’ll be in touch with you regarding costs and other information pertaining to next steps.

Please note that this is an application form and will submit you for consideration to be a Vendor at this year’s festival.

We are doing this process because space is limited, and we desire to be fair to everyone. Before submitting an application, please read the FAQ’s as well.

Deadline to for applications is July 31, 2017


What happens after I apply to be a vendor?

After you submit an application to be a vendor, our vendor coordinator will be in touch with you to discuss the cost of selling your wares at The Gathering and to answer any additional questions you may have. From there, if you want to proceed, we’ll enter your name for consideration with our vendor team who will make a final decision.

Am I guaranteed a space if I submit an application?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee anyone an opportunity to be a vendor, as space is extremely limited. We value the contribution our vendors provide to the festival, but we also don’t want to flood the festival with a market, and prefer to focus on quality over quantity.

What can give me the best chance of being successful in my application?

We are looking for unique, high quality, hand-made, culturally relevant products from local makers. The more you fit that description, and let us know how, the better chance you’ll have of being a vendor at Gathering 2017. The Gathering is a celebration of all the Newfoundland and Labrador, and that’s why we want to support local artisans, craftspeople, creators, dreamers and makers.

I've been a vendor at past Gatherings. Does that help?

Our past vendors have helped bring us to where we are today, and we’re really appreciative of that. We’d love to work with past vendors again, and we welcome you to submit an application this time around. However, we try to keep everyone on an even playing field, and we’ll be basing our decision on criteria related to the products being sold.

When will I know if my application is successful?

We’ll be accepting applications until July 31st. We’ll inform the successful applications by August 4th.

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